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Are you still using an old-fashioned ice scoop to serve your drinks? We offer The Drain Scoop®, a scoop that features slits that drain water from the ice before you add it to drinks. This prevents melted water from being added to your cocktails. You can choose from various colors and finishes. Customization options are also available.

We offer the new Bottle Bucket, a revolutionary ice bucket that has a patented built-in bottle holder. It is a sanitary and efficient way to host a party and chill your wine, champagne or spirit separate from your drink ice without the use of multiple ice buckets. It comes in various finishes and colors to suite your needs. Additionally, you can customize and brand your Bottle Bucket™ for your personal or business needs.

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Drain Scoop® Ice Scoop

Drain Scoop

Are you still using an old-fashioned ice scoop to serve your drinks? Then stop serving watery drinks and start making the perfect drink every time with The Drain Scoop® Ice Scoop. Now available in plastic too!

Bottle Bucket Ice Bucket


Now you can chill your champagne, wine, and liquor while serving drinks in our patented Bottle Bucket Ice Bucket. The safe, sanitary way to chill champagne, wine, or liquor and still serve ice from the same ice bucket.

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Why Use Drain Scoop® Ice Scoop?

The Drain Scoop® is the bartender’s answer to watered-down drinks. The patented unique slotted design keeps ice in and lets water out – combining the dry-ice of tongs with the speed of an ice scoop for a perfect drink every time.

100% Durable

The DrainScoop® is made out of high quality metal - stainless steel or cast aluminium to ensure 100% durability. The best quality of the product is that it comes with watered-down feature for scooping the ice.

Light Weight

The DrainScoop® is manufactured from a light weight metal or plastic and comes in a standard mirror polished finish with a hold at the top of the handle for hanging.

Patented Unique Slotted Design

The patented unique slotted design of the DrainScoop® allows excess water to flow through the three slots located at the bottom and back of the scoop before placing the ice in a glass.

Convenient Sizes

Available in two convenient sizes - six inch and nine inch versions the DrainScoop® ice scoop can be used in a variety of household and commercial applications.


Our innovative bar supplies find usage in a broad range of applications from personal home to professional use.

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